Alvarado SU500 Optical Counting Turnstile


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The SU500 is an optical counting turnstile. For access control applications where a card or credential reader will be used, the SU2000 provides barrier-free access control in a similar product footprint.

The SU500 has an advanced optical detection system that counts patrons as they pass through the turnstile cabinets. The SU500 can count patrons in either one or both directions. When configured for one direction counting, an alarm can sound when passage in the opposite direction is detected.

The SU500 is a TCP/IP enabled device, allowing it to communicate count passages directly to Alvarado’s GateWatch10 facility counting software in real-time over a facility network. In the event that it is not possible or desirable to network installed SU500s, the turnstile can also output counts in the form of a dry contact. An IP-based communication and configuration functionality is included with all SU500 optical turnstiles, making it possible to adjust core settings via TCP/IP using an included web application called LaneConfig. Using a PC, tablet or smart phone, this application allows adjustment of configurable features over a TCP/IP network.

Alvarado also offers a web-based counting application called GateWatch10. This server-based application provides a real-time view of current count activity as well as a historic database of past count activity. The application uses an SQL database that allows customers to easily pull and combine count data with information form other systems for data analysis purposes.

Key Features:
  • Single direction or bi-directional patron counting
  • Configurable (.wav) alarm warns of wrong way passage
  • High counting accuracy
  • High throughput capacity
  • Slim cabinet design
  • Same cabinet dimensions for standard and handicapped widths
  • Stainless steel or powder coated cabinet finishes
Added Benefits:
  • Suitable for indoor and select outdoor applications
  • Low maintenance


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